QuickWrite Testimonials

The team has hit a home run again. I have been a user of Adazing's other products for years, and I have shared them with my mastermind members, and authors. QuickWrite is a hit because it is focused on authors! What's more, it goes beyond writing tools, helping authors with artwork, titles, blurbs, marketing, and more! I cannot wait to see what is next!
-Everett O'Keefe, WSJ Best Selling author and founder of Ignite Press

"First, let me say I am against AI generated books. With that out of the way, let me tell you why Quickwrite is awesome. 1. It gives you great writing prompts for plot suggestions, character descriptions, book titles... it's truly a fiction writer's little helper. 2. It can help tighten and rewrite your blurbs 3. If social media is your thing, it can also help you write your posts. There are other uses that I haven't explored much, such as blog posts, marketing and business plans. I look at using this tool as I would an online editor. It's not going to take the place of a human, but when I need some help, Quickwrite is an excellent assistant."
-USA Today Best Selling author, Carly Winter

"As a regular user of QuickWrite, I've experienced firsthand the benefits of integrating advanced AI technology into my writing process. QuickWrite has undoubtedly transformed the way I approach content creation, helping me craft well-structured articles and reports with greater efficiency. I remember working on a whitepaper about emerging industry trends and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information I needed to synthesize. QuickWrite's intuitive interface and AI-powered suggestions proved to be a lifesaver, enabling me to organize my thoughts, conduct research, and produce a comprehensive document that received positive feedback from my colleagues and clients. However, it's worth mentioning that QuickWrite.ai only as good as the creativity and innovation you bring to it. As with any AI-based tool, there have been instances of garbage in and garbage out. Do take the effort and invest extra time in fine-tuning both the prompts and content to ensure it meets your standards. I personally find QuickWrite to be a valuable asset in my writing toolkit, as it consistently streamlines the creative process and enables me to tackle complex projects with confidence. The benefits that QuickWrite brings to the table far outweigh the occasional challenges it presents. By striking a balance between leveraging its AI capabilities and applying my own critical thinking, I've managed to produce high-quality written work and significantly reduce the time spent on each project."
-Dr. Kapil Apshankar, #1 Best Selling Author and TEDx Speaker

"I have used several AI content generators and text to image converters using AI. As a 4x Int'l bestselling author, I was skeptical about QuickWrite at first. But after trying it out, I'm hooked! I will be using it to draft the outline and maybe even cover images for my next book series. Thank you CJ for building QuickWrite to help authors like me!

-Stephanie Frank 4x Int'l Best Selling Author - The "Accidental" Millionaire

I am loving Quickwrite, it not only saves me time in creating marketing content for my books, such as ad copy and book descriptions. But it also helps to get the inspiration flowing when I’m not sure what direction to go with a story. With a simple one-line question, Quickwrite gives me a list of ideas to get me unstuck…And I can get back to writing again. Thank you Quickwrite!
-Kristeen Groth, Sweet Contemporary Romance Author

Quickwrite has helped me both with my writing but also with my personal life. As an extrovert, the tool offers me a way to brainstorm without having others around. The options it gives me fuel my creativity and allow me to be more productive, pushing forward with my stories.
-Leigh Kirk

I've always struggled to write dynamic introductions to articles, blog posts, and other content. QuickWrite has eliminated my struggle! Now, I enter the introduction I've written, ask QuickWrite to rephrase it for me, and edit it to fit my voice and style. Brilliant!

I wasn’t sure exactly how I would use AI and now I’m discovering this is a tool with unlimited potential. As an author and a graphic designer I’ve used Quickwrite to help me brainstorm story scene ideas, create images for a book cover, and to create lists of keywords to research and use for advertising. The sky’s the limit, and I’m excited to see how Quickwrite continues to grow and add more features.
-Dineen Miller, award-winning and mult-published author

I have self-published 11 Bible studies and QuickWrite helps with the brainstorming and outlining process amazingly well. I can't believe how much time it's going to save me. Not to mention that QuickWrite always comes up with a few great ideas I never would have thought of!
-Keith Ferrin, Author & Speaker

QuickWrite cuts my work time by about 75% in writing an outline, building character profiles, and getting through tough spots in prose writing. It's indispensable for writing summaries, blogs, and marketing. I'm not sure what I did before I had it—it's a co-writer, beta reader, and editor all in one!
-T.M. Robertsson, Fantasy Author, Bladesmith

I love this product! Coming up with ad copy for my books can be excruciating for me. With Quickwrite, all I had to do was drop my book blurb into the program and use the tagline and social media post functions to generate new, original content that sounded much better than what I'd come up with. And it only took seconds! I was also able to quickly generate a cozy small town image for my Facebook ad that looks more interesting the usual stock photos. And I love the character description function. A few prompts generates paragraphs of great stuff I can use to help flesh out a character. I can only pull so much from my head. Quickwrite is a fabulous tool that enables me to spend more time writing my story and less time doing the things that slow me down. I can't wait to explore it further!
-Clare Lockhart, author of paranormal cozy mysteries

The main thing that I've used QuickWrite for is to help me compose emails for my business. Emails are simple things to send, but sometimes I just don't have the mental energy to put together a professional sounding email. I love that I can just list out the things I want the email to say and QuickWrite makes it sounds professional and intelligent. It's like having a personal secretary who can take my ideas and turn it into an appropriate format. It's making my job a lot easier, and I find that I'm procrastinating less.
-Amanda Luzzader

As a hybrid publisher, I get a lot of calls from people telling me they have a hard time coming up with a structure for their books. Shortly after I started using QuickWrite, I had two zoom calls on that issue. With both people, I plugged their topic into QuickWrite and within 10 seconds, showed them the outline that QuickWrite generated. They were so incredibly impressed, they both purchased QuickWrite and have thanked me profusely for bringing QuickWrite to their attention.
-Judy Weintraub, CEO SkillBites Publishing

My next novel will be a murder mystery set on Long Island, NY in the early 1970s. The main character is a young detective. He is a Vietnam Vet and has many demons from the war. I put this information into QuickWrite and used the create character description. The character description that came back was unique. It gave a name, description, background information, and the demons the character faced. I used this information to jump-start me into my character description. I didn't use all of it but it triggered so many ideas and thoughts on where I could take the character.
-Alfred Esposito

Marketing is my Achilles heel, which includes writing newsletters, web posts, and social media. I have already used QuickWrite for all of the above and feel more confident with the results. I have also started working on a book description with Quick Write's help. As a writer of novels, narrowing down the story to a few lines is tough but with this tool, I can put in a few lines and ideas and out pops something that works. I will soon be formulating front and back matter for my book and look forward to the help I can receive from my new best friend. (I think I'll call her Sanbre) My next book will certainly be fun to plot and work on characters with Sanbre on my side.
-Susan Brenning, author of the Finding Their Path series.

I love using QuickWrite for my blog outlines, social media posts, and quick character descriptions! With the immediate information it provides, my ideas flow and I’m not bogged down with tasks that seem tedious, but necessary. For me, QuickWrite has become a key to overcoming writer’s block, providing endless ideas and content that sparks even more imagination! Thanks, QuickWrite!
-Shelly Snow Pordea, author of the Tracing Time Trilogy

QuickWrite was a winner from the beginning when all it had was text-based options - books summary, plot ideas, character descriptions. In fact, I've had a historical fiction book bouncing around in my head for about 40 years or so. I was able to quickly flesh out the character descriptions in seconds! Now I feel that this book might actually happen instead of remaining a back-burner project. BUT THEN......CJ added the image creation. And I mean, WOW!!!! It instantly create artwork for the books is amazing. Then I was inspired to create an early children's picture books series for my existing history curriculum. I've already published 3 of the 7 book series (and it's only been a few weeks!). I can't thank CJ enough for putting this together for authors. I'll be using this regularly for a long time....it is a real game changer for me!
-F Thomas

I recently had the pleasure of trying QuickWrite and it is a huge improvement. Even though I don't know much about technology, I can easily navigate the user interface. Furthermore, the features and abilities are remarkable - it's like having my own personal assistant at my disposal. If you are looking to simplify your workflow and be more productive, this is a must-have.
-Monica RED, Fiction Author

"QuickWrite has so many time-saving, productivity-increasing features. It's like having a virtual assistant available 24/7. One of my favorite QuickWrite tools is the blog meta description. As a writer, I'm focused on creating great content, but that meta description is essential for driving traffic to my blog and getting eyes on my content. QuickWrite makes generating that important element fast and easy."
-Jacquelyn Lynn, inspirational author, business ghostwriter, and self-publishing consultant

I've just begun using it. I am both a nonfiction and fiction writer. Of course, I would never use it to write my books, but it's very helpful when I'm stuck for a word and the thesaurus is not helpful. I read the suggestions provided and several times have found the precise word I was seeking in a different context. Helps think of new ways to articulate what I was searching for.
-GRETCHEN S. HIRSCH, author of newly released "Saving Ceci"

I've just started working with QuickWrite and all I can say is "Wow!" I've been working on a nonfiction book for the past few months, so I thought why not see what QuickWrite.ai can do with what I've drafted to date? From providing more detail to my existing prose to suggesting additional chapter content, QuickWrite has already paid off! I've got new ideas and expanded chapters, and have only just started. I look forward to the continued evolution of this great writing tool!

I’ve always hated writing book descriptions until a writer friend suggested QuickWrite. It’s a software with useful features that does a lot of the heavy lifting for writers. I enter what my book is about and it writes the description. I have the option of tweaking the copy to sound like my writing voice. It’s like having an experienced co-writer with you, offering advice. This software has completely changed the way I approach my writing.
-Pax Sinclair Author of the Love@Work series

"I'm in the process of writing my third book and I decided to give QuickWrite a try. I was pleasantly surprised about the many diverse plotlines that showed up with angles and possibilities had not considered before. It has allowed me to craft a much richer version of my book. I've also been experimenting with the many other features in QuickWrite and am delighted with the outcome.  I highly recommend QuickWrite. "
-Dorothea L. Gordon, author of "When Life Has Other Plans...Discover the Hidden Gifts"

"QuickWrite is intuitive and fast. Brilliant for helping with fiction story prompts and character bio ideas. And who knew it could be so helpful in generating fiction blurb drafts?! It’s also super helpful in basic research, generating structured and organized information. QuickWrite won’t do everything for you, but it does mean you never need start any project with a blank page."
-Jay, copyeditor & publisher

With clever writing styles for both Fiction and Non-Fiction writing, QuickWrite is the perfect tool to add to your creative arsenal. Personally, I've found it incredibly helpful in planning out Contents lists for book ideas and rewriting product descriptions for my Etsy shop - I've used every one rewritten by QuickWrite so far as they seemed far superior to what I had before. QuickWrite achieves these tasks with ease, requiring little tweaking on my part. This morning I tested out the AI picture feature (in Beta) and discovered that adding more details in a long sentence was my best approach to achieving the desired outcome, including detailed faces. While I'm just getting started with QuickWrite, I'm confident that it will help me save time and mental turmoil when it comes to fleshing out my ideas. Navigating the different features of this program has been a breeze, thanks to the helpful instructional video provided. QuickWrite's intuitive design allows for easy exploration and seamless operation. Unlike ChatGPT, which seems to cater well for bloggers and marketers, QuickWrite has been specially created with writers in mind. Its convenient drop-down box prompts eliminate the hassle of typing out lengthy command strings. All in all, QuickWrite is a fantastic tool for writers and its boundless potential will only be fully realised as the user become more familiar with its functionality. 
-Kaye Nutman, author of Headscarves, Headwraps & More

"I was initially skeptical about trying out QuickWrite, but now I can't imagine my life without it! As a busy entrepreneur, I need to produce a constant stream of content for my website, social media, and email campaigns. QuickWrite has not only saved me countless hours of writing and editing, but it has also elevated the quality of my content to a whole new level. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate articles, social media posts, and marketing materials. What truly sets QuickWrite apart, however, is its remarkable ability to grasp the tone, style, and context of my requests, delivering results that are consistently on-brand and tailored to my specific audience. QuickWrite's exceptional customer support has also been a game-changer. They're always eager to assist, ensuring that my experience with the platform remains seamless and enjoyable. QuickWrite has revolutionized the way I create content and has given me the competitive edge I needed to grow my business. I recommend it to anyone looking to save time, reduce stress, and elevate the quality of their written communication. Give it a try—you won't be disappointed!"
-Brent W. Peterson

QuickWrite has revolutionized my writing process. I used to face the dreaded "blank page syndrome." But now, with QuickWrite's writing prompts and suggestions, my productivity and efficiency have improved. I highly recommend QuickWrite to writers needing an extra boost to overcome their creative hurdles.
-Audry Fryer

"AI in my writing is something I didn’t think I would ever use, but curiosity pushed me to try QuickWrite and it has won me over. This program is specifically for writers and, unlike what I was concerned about, that it would write my story and not be my book, my writings, but that has not happened. QuickWrite only did what I asked for the program to do, give me ideas, prompts, suggestions that I use as a springboard to my work. My readers want my books written by me, and that is what they get. I have rewritten book descriptions, seen outline suggestions, used plot and writing prompts to liven up a middle of the book slowdown, and more. What often happens is I have an idea and I pose it to QuickWrite program and possible developments which I frame to meet my style and my direction in the book. It’s great when I am trying to describe a situation and can’t get it just right. With QuickWrite, all the worries that I have had with using AI didn’t arise. It’s like you are in a group of authors brainstorming ideas and fielding suggestions for your next novel or series. You take those ideas and write your own book. I’m hooked."
-Alyssa Bailey, author of Stryker's Girl

I have thoroughly tested QuickWrite, TextWriter, and ChatGPT for writing book titles, chapters, descriptions, and emails. QuickWrite consistently produced superior results from the same prompts. Another feature where QuickWrite excels is its beautiful and lightning-fast image creation from text prompts. This lets me produce books and images on the same page, thus saving vast amounts of time switching to another program to generate images. The image creation feature also allows me to add stunning visuals for my book covers and advertising. The bottom line is that for speed, versatility, price, and ease-of-use, this is a far superior tool for writers. It is indispensable.
-Ken Pealock, author of The Skinny on Diets: Fact-Checking the Most Popular Plans

QuickWrite is easy to use and very user friendly. It can be a true asset for aspiring and established self-publishers.

"I love how much time and headache QuickWrite saves me when I need to write blurbs and ad copy. Those two aspects of my author career have always been a bit of a thorn in my side, but with QuickWrite, I'm no longer dreading tackling them! And not only for new releases - after rewriting book descriptions of older series, I started seeing an uptick in sales. QuickWrite is one of the best investments I've made for my author career."
-Kyra Fox, Romance Author

The fact that a bot can take my words and create a story scares me. What does a writer do when robots take over? Open source AI feels like an invasion of privacy into my mind. Who sees my stuff when there's little accountability? Now that AI has morphed from chatbots to story telling, we must embrace technology or get left behind. Thankfully, there's QuickWrite. A software that's totally private and helps me craft my story better. Book descriptions have never been so easy. Log lines are a snap. If I don't like what the program suggests, I reject the suggestion and it will give me another one. No AI was used in writing this review. I suppose we have to get used to saying that now.
-MJ Krause-Chivers, author of Katarina's Dark Shadow

I used to use Writesonic and paid more than what the lifetime cost of Quickwrite was for one year. In a few months, I quickly went through my quota of words with my weekly blogs and rephrasing. I had just changed from their best words option to a lower one for fewer words when the invitation to try Quickwrite showed up in my mailbox. I was running out of words fast, and I liked I could quickly pull together a blog post on my chosen subject. Rephrasing an idea for a different audience or social media platform was extremely helpful. I don't have to worry about how many words the AI creates now. There is no difference in quality. My point is it does what I need it to do. Pulls together information for me to verify and write about. There are caveats though, like many of these AI programs, they might get something incorrect, which is why follow up is necessary and they can get bogged down during high-traffic times.
-Lady V Writes

"I have used QuickWrite for less than a week but I love it, even the image generator though that wasn't my reason for buying into the program. Initially, I bought it as an aid for the stories I've been writing. What drew me was access to a site that could help me with back story on my characters, the business name generator and the blurb generator. The first day I had it to play with I asked QuickWrite to write a letter from a cat to a dog and the response was wonderful. After that I knew there was no chance I'd cancel QuickWrite in a month. I've been using it to come up with a new shop name and found several that are interesting. I generated pages of name ideas which is the beauty of using the program, generate pages of lists of name ideas looking for that one name that suits you. Experimenting with image generator I asked for a demon grasshopper and bingo, there it is. A great feature is the palette of styles, click to see how your idea looks realistically, as a 3d image, etc. It's fun to play with and the results look professional. You don't like a view change it, see it as a sketch, animated, change the angle, view it head on, side on, the results are generated immediately. Back to fiction, It's up to the writer to be a good storyteller but it's useful to have an outlet you can quickly turn to and run plot points by, work out an issue you're stuck on, or work out backstory on a character to name just a few of QuickWrite's attributes. I haven't scratched the surface of what QuickWrite can do for me, but I'm grateful for access to a program I know will be indispensable."
-Joanne Meshew

I work as a staff engineer in the software industry. I'm a slow writer and QuickWrite helps me speed up the process. With the help of QuickWrite, you can create an outline of the thing you need to write. It can even help you produce some of the content. You will have more time to add your own experiences and knowledge to the finished text. Thanks to QuickWrite, I'm now thinking about writing a short book, which I couldn't have done before. It's like having a private researcher and writing assistant.
-Markus Westergren, staff software engineer

Imagine sitting down in a coffee shop and across the table is a friend. You tell your friend about the story you've been working on and would like to run a few ideas by them. This is a trusted friend who listens well and somehow magical takes your idea and pulls back the curtain to show you things that you hadn't considered, things that expand your story as if on steroids. Think of QuickWrite as that friend.
-Richard Brassaw

This software is so easy to use and set up. The information I am gathering with QuickWrite is incredible. Going to help me write my book in record time.
-Steve Ramona

As a professional freelance editor, I am used to suggesting stronger descriptions in the book proposals I am hired to edit. After struggling with rephrasing an especially weak one, I decided to see what suggestions QuickWrite might offer. Not only did I get several usable options that I was then able to tweak to work for my client, but QuickWrite makes it easy to save them for future reference as we continue to polish the writing.
-Candace Johnson, Change It Up Editing

In the Short time I’ve used QuickWrite, it’s helped me rewrite a book blurb, helped me visualize my characters, and has helped me with a few plot points for a future book. I can honestly say, this has been one of the more useful AI tools I’ve ever tried. It’s going to be a huge help in increasing my productivity.
-Terry Marchion, author of the MG books The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher

"As an author, one of the tasks that takes the most time and takes away from my book writing is blogging, which I do as part of my newsletter and also to help expand my brand. QuickWrite has been very helpful in cutting hours out of the blog writing process. It does everything from helping me to brainstorm article ideas, to coming up with an outline for the article, to providing copy for the intro and individual sections of the blog. Of course, blog posts need pictures, too, and QuickWrite even helps there, as well, with its image generator. One thing that is really great about QuickWrite is the way it breaks down your writing into its component parts. I feel that this allows me as a writer to really blend the human and AI elements in my writing, as opposed to just putting out material that is entirely AI generated. As such, QuickWrite is a force multiplier that allows me to spend less time blogging, and more time writing books."
-Jonathan Ferry, Founder of Chess Tales and Author of Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey

"I recently discovered QuickWrite and instantly bought it. I love how it works and all the capabilities it has. I use it every day. I am currently wrapping up a novel and it has been a great tool for rewriting sentences or paragraph my beta readers didn't understand or they felt interrupted the flow of the manuscript. I enjoy the avatar feature because as I write a story I like to have a model of my characters, the fact that there are various ways the avatar can be developed is fun as well as useful. I highly recommend this tool for all writers in any venue... scripts, stories, fiction, nonfiction."
-Kathleen A Osborne, Author

"I never thought I would ever use an Artificial Intelligence program for my writing, especially since I write fiction.. But then I discovered Quickwrite.ai, a wonderful online program that every writer can use to improve their work. First of all, it has many features that I use every day, like writing emails to my readers. I put in the message I want to promote, and it gives me a basic email, that I can then rewrite to get the perfect feel. It also can create artwork for use in conceptualizing a character or a situation with astounding accuracy. But let’s get to the meat of it. How does it help a working writer? With just a few suggestions, it can give a very involved character description, writing prompts, and even story ideas. The tool I use constantly is the one that rewrites a book description. I can put in a paragraph from my novel and it will rephrase and rewrite it. I can use Quickwrite’s suggestions or even just a sentence to improve the tone of my writing. I also use the power editing feature a great deal, as it catches mistakes I might not notice. Quickwrite.ai doesn’t write your book for you, but it is a powerful tool you can use to write at your highest level and I recommend it highly."
-Arjay Lewis, Multi-award-winning horror writer

QuickWrite is a great tool and far better than others I have tried. It's easy to use and helps you get that following sentence out. I especially like the AI image creator because it allows you to put a unique face to your character, which I love. After all, sometimes you need to see them to bring them to life. I had an idea for a middle-grade novel and knew how I wanted it to end, but I didn't have a plot. I used QuickWrite to help craft a plot, and now I can go from idea to novel.
-Natasha L Morgan, author of James and the Fireworks and Who’s on the Other Line?

I'm a self-published author just completing a novel. For me, writing a novel is far easier than synthesizing the story down to a brief description or coming up with a one-line tagline. QuickWrite did the job quickly and well. Plus, by simply pressing the Generate Content button, it created multiple alternate descriptions and taglines that I could choose from! I also tried the plot suggestions option and was impressed by the plot descriptions. It provided character names, a solid storyline, and a variety of potential challenges to be overcome by the protagonist(s). QuickWrite is like having a team of brainstormers available 24-7.
-Maureen Romagnoli, author and publisher (Romagnoli Publications)

I'll admit I was a little skeptical about QuickWrite when I first saw it. I had been subscribing to another AI system for a while, but then I started experimenting with it. Oh. My. Gosh. Not only has the output been better and better targeted for my needs, but it keeps getting better. The outputs are better. The ease of use is better. I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription to the other service! I highly recommend QuickWrite for writers and authors. It is an excellent system for jumpstarting your own creativity and is fairly easy to use. If you're looking for an easy-to-use AI system that will help you write more faster, easier, and more efficiently ... QuickWrite is what you're looking for!
-Carma Spence